BEHR Thermot-tronik- A worldwide company, producing systems for intelligent temperature control intended for the automotive and industrial technologies.

The product range includes: Integral thermostats/housing thermostats; Map-controlled thermostats; Oil temperature regulators; Thermostat inserts.

The company produce also temperature switches ant temperature sensors for optimal control of coolant circuit.

Behr Thermot-tronik has developed complex modules, that satisfy the requirements of the components for consumption- or comfort- oriented temperature control at relatively low cost, and which, if required, are equipped with electronic components for control and data collection, whereby the basic function of these components operates independently of the electrical power supply, thanks to the fail-safe characteristics of wax-elements.

Knowing the rules, thinking ahead, being innovative, these are the strengths which the company places at the consumer disposal, reaching a higher performance efficiency, lower consumption, lower wear and reduced emissions. The company invests 6 % of his annual turnover in research and development projects.

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