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Gomet is an Italian company, which is specialized in production of rubber, thermoplastic and polyurethane articles, intended for the automobile industry. In business since 1975, Gomet has grown to be a leading supplier of complex rubber parts and assemblies to the automotive and industry by combining new ideas and advanced manufacturing techniques together with a commitment to service and responsiveness.

The high quality of Gomet-products is the careful choice of the raw materials, all selected from entrusted suppliers of long-proven professionalism. Quality is good managing plants and machinery, all of them technologically advanced and constantly maintained and updated.

The continuous applications development program and an inventory of over a thousand active tool profiles enable Gomet to produce cv-joint boots, steering rack gaiters and shock absorber dust covers for the majority of passenger car models produced in Europe, Japan and the US.

The wide range of Gomet’s rubber-metal parts covers the most important brands and models of motorvehicles. The articles made of rubber-metal in motorvehicles (engine mounting, strut mounts, shock absorber bearings, carburettor flanges) are able to soften vibrations and to compesate the connected shifthings among mechanical parts for the movement with the guarantee of a noiseless working and high levels of reliability.

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